Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, July 30, 2017

31 July 2017 Letter

Hi family and friends!!

It's been a great week! We didn't get back from Sydney until Wednesday night, so it's gone by quick. My trainee is Sister Parungo!!!!!!!!! She is half Samoan/half Philipina, has lived half her life in American-Samoa, then half in Cerritos California. We are exactly the same age, she just turned 20 on July 20th:) She is so fun to be around! She is doing really good and getting better at talking to people and teaching. She is getting used to the completely different life of missionary work and a new country and was feeling pretty homesick and actual sick yesterday, but she survived her first week well! She loves to cook Filipino food! Halla! She is helping me learn too:)

We had a good week. She is bringing the blessings into our area. We have two new investigators this week. Stuart is a really cool and humble guy. He has two little kids who we met before we met him, because they are friends with Mia Ragg, one of our other little investigators. We are hopeful for him, because he really wants to make a bright future for his kids by bringing them to church. Also, Jamie and his fiance, Avalon, are super cool and quirky. A young couple. They let us in to share and said we can come again:) Well, were outta time. Love and miss you all! Have a great week!

1-Wollongong last week. They have a lot of walls with murals there

2-Sister Yuson in front of this beautiful church that's right in the middle of a shopping mall. It's like an oxymoron.

3- Sister Parungo!!! The Elders in our branch decorated our door to welcome her :)

4- Sister Parungo, getting acquainted with the crazy dogs we encounter everyday :)
5- The New District

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