Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, July 7, 2017

3 July 2017 Letter

G'day all!

Hope it's been a great week for everyone! I am so excited to hear that Ammie and Tanner will be having a girl! So fun! I can’t wait to see what she looks like haha.

This past week basically flew by, it was so busy.

The biggest miracle of the week was that Patrice was baptized and confirmed! It was such a great day for her! Two of the three of her little sisters and their families came, and so did her dad, none of whom are members. She didn't think her dad was going to come, so that was sweet:) Talks were given by Sister Molloy and Sister Mackey, and the four of us missionaries did a musical number of "How Gentle God's Commands", Patrice's Nan's (who passed away recently, but was the biggest motivator for her to learn about the gospel, and for her mom to go back to church) favorite hymn. When Elder Kenworthy baptized her, she slipped a little bit and almost went under again, she just wanted to be extra clean, haha! Then, her mom, Sister Snell, bore a sweet testimony. After, we had refreshments and got to talk to her family a little bit. She said that they all really enjoyed the baptism and it helped them understand why she did it, especially, because they felt so calm and peaceful in the chapel:) She is such a good example to her family!

Then, when she received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday, In the blessing she was given, Brother Molloy blessed her that her mental health challenges are behind her and that she will be able to be guided by the Holy Ghost from now on. It was so cool, because she has struggled with various mental health issues and hearing bad voices in her head for years, and she always says how much she hates them.

I love Patrice so much!  I'm so grateful Heavenly Father called me to this area where  I would get the privilege of meeting her and helping her accept the gospel with Sister Sumaribos. He has blessed us all so greatly!

Paul is still doing great; his baptism will be on Thursday ,the 6th, because we have a conference to meet our new mission president on the 5th. He has so much faith. Because of his mental conditions, he is so intelligent. I feel like we won’t even explain something that well or completely, yet he always understands so well. He already has such a strong relationship with his Savior and Heavenly Father. He says the funniest things too. At Patrice's baptism, we tell him to join a picture. Elder Kenworthy puts his hand on his shoulder as we position ourselves. He says "thank you for that hand on my shoulder,  I feel very supported!". Every Sunday, he sings very loudly, and you can always pick out his voice in our small branch. He's probably going to join our choir! He always gives the LONGEST and most heartfelt prayers too; they are the best though! We are excited for him:)

We also had two trade-offs this week, with the Nowra then the Dapto sisters, where we spend 24 hours with a different companion in our zone. President Back called me to be a sister training leader this transfer, so I do them more often now. I first had one with Sister Zobell who has only been out a couple weeks, from Bountiful Utah. We have a mutual friend who  I went to UVU with! She is great! Then  I went with Sister Chan, form Malaysia, who came into the mission with me. She is so funny. I love doing trade-offs because I always learn so much from the other sisters and it is good to know that we all struggle with the same challenges.

Well, that was a long email, thanks for reading!  I love you and pray for you all, and think of you often! Have a good week.

Sister Pace

1- The Branch Members who came to Patrice's Baptism:

 2- With the Elders who baptized Patrice:

3- Emmalynn with Patrice at her baptism:

4-  Patrice and Sister Snell's family:

5- Sister Sumaribos, Patrice, and Sister Pace

6- Brother and Sister Seville and their grandchildren:

7- At Sister Mackey's family reunion:

8- A pic with Sister Mackey, the greatest!

9- It's COLD here!:

10- Wombat:

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