Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, February 17, 2018

12 February 2018 Letter

Don't have much time but just wanted to share a quick experience.

This week has had lots of miracles. Throughout the week, I was feeling like I didn't know how to explain the gospel to people in a way that would help them understand that it is applicable to them and something that will really help them! Sister Monilla reminded me that I am saying the right things, but everybody has their agency, and sometimes people don't use it the best way they can. But we had a cool experience on Saturday during park and embark. We had 4 people ask us the same question: why do bad things happen to innocent people? The first two times ,we explained it but the people would not accept our answer. At the end of the night, however, we met an atheist who asked the same question. We explained, after refining and simplifying our explanation throughout the day, that if God intervened in every bad, or unfair thing that happened, not only would he be denying people of their ability to choose, but he would be denying everyone of the opportunity of growth that could come from that difficult trial in their life. We also explained that the purpose of our lives is to have joy, and that the extent of pain and sorrow we experience in life, we are then able to experience that much joy because of it. It was cool because it was like Heavenly Father had been preparing us to meet that man (Dave) all day by helping us think about that question. Dave's heart was softened and we were able to share most of the restoration with him. By the end, he miraculously accepted a Book of Mormon!
I just really loved that tender mercy Heavenly Father gave to us after a day when not so many people were prepared to receive us.

pics: 1- a couple pdays ago

2- Faite and Moala, two beautiful but naughty little girls in the ward:)

3- When Sister Monilla made me cut her bangs (commonly called fringe here)

4- when we witnessed the saving of an echidna from under a school fence.
5- Jessica a less active YSA came to stake conference on Sunday. Miracles do happen!

6- My fun tan lines

7 -pray for my sunburt neck. It is a result of talking to a guy for almost an hour under what felt like being an ant under magnifying glass.

 8-9:  Companions and Friends:

Sunday, February 4, 2018

5 February 2018 Letter from Companion

Emmalynn has had a lot of BYU (registration, etc.) deadlines come up this week.  Here is her companion’s update on their week.  From Sister Monilla:

Hello Pace family and friends!

Sister Pace is doing very good. I think she's happy. I'm doing my best to keep her happy and stable. She's just figuring out her university application. But here are some of the details of our week:

1. We had trade offs with the Wollongong sisters. Sister Pace went to Wollongong with Sister Sianava. Sister Matau and I stayed in Dapto. We had heaps of fun and saw heaps of miracles! We met Toni who said that she's open to learning more about the Gospel.

We visited Matthew before he went to Melbourne. We followed up on his coffee and tea. He joked around and told us that he had coffee in his home and offered some to his friends. But he really didn't have any in his home anymore. I was relieved. We read the Book of Mormon with him and he understood it well. He closed our visit with a prayer. In his prayer he said, "Heavenly Father, please help not to drink coffee and tea?" I just saw how much the Spirit touched his heart. He now just willing to follow. Tender mercies!

2. We had a lesson with Pamella, a part member. She told us that she loved how the church is focusing on families. She saw how much difference the gospel has brought to her son who didn't want to do anything with religion before. She had so many questions when we taught her about the Restoration but she understood it nonetheless. She has been wanting to come to church but she has been sick. We're going to see her again this week and share a little bit more with her. She's one of the cutest people here!

3. We were able to teach Anthony, a potential investigator. He said that his mum met missionaries when he was younger. He also met missionaries a year ago. He's probably met missionaries 6 times in his life now. He used to have a Book of Mormon in his home. We taught the Restoration with him and he just accepted the Book of Mormon. He's still interested in learning more about the Gospel which is good!

4. We had a short and productive visit with Rebecca. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she said that she really wants to quit smoking again. She's super awesome though! We likened her life with living and applying the gospel. She learned the colors/shades for painting and applied it by actually painting on a canvas. We told her that that's like the Gospel, we would know if it's true when we learn more about it and apply it. She's willing to do it! She wasn't able to come to church because she was sick.

5. Park and Embark days are always so miraculous! We just commuted the whole day and opened our mouths in the buses. Some of them weren't interested but some of them were. We will be following up on them this week. We had an appointment with one of them today!

6. We knocked on the door of one of the potentials that we have but as the woman opened the door, she said that those people didn't live there. We introduced ourselves instead. She said that we could come back another day. She asked us where we are from and I told her that I'm a Filipino. She said, "There are Filipinos in that red brick house!" We told her that we'd try to come and talk to them then.

We did! They weren't Filipinos. They were Persians. The daughter, Tara, stayed to talk to us. She said that she has heaps of Mormon friends. One of them was from Wollongong ward even. She even told us that she's open to learning more about our church but she's never actually told them. We shared our purpose with her as missionaries.

As we were talking, her neighbor came and talked to us. We invited him to come and talk to us. He did but Tara went inside of her home for a bit. He told us that he read the Book of Mormon already. He knows about Joseph Smith. We told him that we could share more with him and answer his questions at another time. He then gave us his address.

Tara came out with her boyfriend. She told us that her boyfriend is a Mormon. Her boyfriend told us, "Convert her." Tara said, "I told you, I'd be baptized if I have a testimony of it." We set a return appointment with them!

What a tender mercy! Sister Pace and I praying so hard to find the elect. We were led by the Spirit to be in that specific time and place.

We've been very busy but we love it! We love you all!


Sister Monilla and Sister Pace

Sunday, January 28, 2018

29 Jan 2018 Letter

This week has been yet again so busy but good. We saw lots of miracles when we did park and embark (a car fast day) on Australia Day. We biked and trained around our area and surpassed our goal of talking to 40 people and talked to 50+! People were so much friendlier, it was awesome. I have been discovering that that is my mission, to talk to everyone about my purpose at all times, even when it is exhausting. I can never know when someone who needs my message will be in my path and it is impossible to judge who will accept it and who won't.

Matthew is doing pretty good progressing towards his baptismal date, but is still struggling to completely give up coffee and tea. I am confident, still, that he will reach his date because he is starting to understand the why. Helping him and other investigators understand the commandments and why we have them, has strengthened my testimony of living them, and the great blessings they have brought to my life and my family's. I am no longer apologetic as I teach about them, because as I teach with boldness, our investigators are able to understand the faith that we have of these commandments and how they have helped to strengthen our faith. We just want them to have the blessings we have, that is what missionary work is!

Things are going great, hope they are for you too.

Sister Pace

1-biking on Australia Day (Jan 26th!)
2-cute Blundell kids in our ward
3-5 MacArthur Zone Conference pics

Sunday, January 21, 2018

22 Jan 2018 Letter

G'day all,

This week was wonderful. Sister Monilla and I are always so busy, Heavenly Father has blessed us with so many amazing things happening! Matthew's baptismal date has been pushed back to February 18th so that he has more time to give up coffee, tea, and alcohol. He is already more committed though. We fasted with him yesterday so that he can have the strength and determination to. 

One of our investigators, Deon, is also on date now for February 10th. We will have to push it back because he had an emergency yesterday and was in the hospital so he was not able to come to church. Satan likes to throw these little obstacles. Deon is so humble and prepared though.

I had the privilege of going on a trade-off with Sister Yanez, a brand new missionary from New Zealand who has been in the field for 2 weeks. She is amazing and is already such a smart missionary after only two weeks! She taught me probably more than I did her. We did the trade-off in Mittagong, my old area, which was a privilege!

While there ,we had the chance to see, and do a scripture study with the Snell's: Patrice and her mom. Patrice is a CTR teacher and Sister Snell is the 1st counselor in primary. They are enjoying their callings and still going to the temple, which was amazing to see!

I also found out that Paul, another recent convert whom we taught, does not live in the same house anymore, but is healthy and well after a finding out that he had cancer and having some major operations soon after I left the area, so that is a tender mercy.

So many miracles happen every day.  I am so grateful to be in a wonderful area with a wonderful companion, where we are able to work really hard every day!

Besides Matthew, another investigator, Pamela, came to church for the first time yesterday and had a great experience. So did our neighbor, Simon, a really sweet man with special needs who came to church as well.

Life is good and Christ lives! He is at the Head of our work, I see it every day! Have a great week everyone!

Sister Pace

pics: Trade-offs in Mittagong with Sister Yanez, visiting Patrice and Sister Snell
3-Cute Sis Monilla and I

4-Got to see Sis Burgess at MLC!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

15 January 2018 Letter

Hello all! 

So I got transferred to DAPTO WARD! I am serving on the coast next to the ocean! It was unexpected because I have already served in this very same district. It is the neighboring ward to Mittagong Branch. Both are in the MacArthur stake. The Lord and President Bingham seem to just be jumping me back and forth from Canberra stake to MacArthur stake, but I'm not complaining, it is BEAUTIFUL here. It's just funny because I was called to the Australia Sydney South Mission and I have never served in Sydney.... I am just what they call a permanent "bush missionary".

Even more exciting than the fact that I am serving in Datpto ward though is the fact that I am companions with THE Sister Monilla AGAIN! I was companions with her just a couple transfers ago in Tuggeranong and I have now followed her here to Dapto! I don't know how I am so blessed, she is the best!

Here is what I wrote to President Bingham, which sums up a bit of our week:

Dear President,

This week has been so great! I love being here in Dapto with Sister Monilla. She is so awesome and I feel so privileged to be able to work with her again.  I love that she is exactly obedient and so organized with everything. We are really getting things done!

Heavenly Father blessed us with so many miracles this week, as He always does when we are doing our all we can to fulfill His work well. One of our investigators, Matthew, is now on date for baptism on the 27th of January! He is originally from South Africa and he is so cool. He is really smart and has been Christian his whole life I think. He knows a lot about The Bible. He is so humble and willing to keep commitments. We are excited to finish the lessons with him and help him be completely prepared to make this wonderful, sacred covenant. (So keep him in your prayers please!)
Everything else is going good. We have had heaps of miracles as we have been diligently opening our mouths at every opportunity. We have found a lot of potentials through that. We are excited to follow up on them.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve here with Sister Monilla. It is already turning out to be a miraculous transfer!

Sister Pace

Pictures:  Above, Together again! with Sister Monilla
Below:  All my Filipina loves!
 Together again!
 And some pictures from the past couple weeks:
Belinda!  A member I will miss a lot because I followed her from Belconnen Ward at the beginning of my mission to Tuggeranong ward now!
Christmas Breakfast at the Anderson's:
 Last DTM:
 Last day with Sister Haretuku:
 More pictures of Melody's Baptism:

Sunday, January 7, 2018

8 January 2018 Letter

This week was a stressful one, but also an amazing one. We spent a lot of time in doing the necessary things to happen before Melody's baptism. The situation got stressful when the last few lessons kept getting delayed by Satan. On Friday, the day before the baptism, we went around with the Anderson's, so they could help us teach her the last lesson. Melody was angry because we still had another lesson to complete before her interview. She thought we didn't trust that she could be baptized and that is why we had to do more lessons. She wanted to call it off for a minute there and we were just praying and praying to know what to do and say because she seemed inconsolable and I didn't even know what to do.

I now have a firm testimony of the power of prayer. I know that we were not the only ones praying for her, both then and the whole day leading up to the visit, to be able to overcome the last few obstacles Satan would put in her path to do all he could to keep her from being baptized. All the prayers worked because we just continued to love her and comfort her, then eventually she calmed down and let us finish the last lesson. I know that it only happened because she was ready and Heavenly Father knew she was, so he gave all of us the words to say.

It is such a privilege to get to be the instruments in The Lord's hands to bring about His great work. I feel so blessed that He has allowed Sister Haretuku and I to take part in miracles every day! He is so good to us!

I found out yesterday morning that I am being transferred:(  I am sad to leave, but Both Sister H and I were expecting it. I also feel excited to start another adventure and grateful that Heavenly Father blessed us with a HUGE miracle to finish my experience here. Don't know where I am going yet so stay tuned.

Melody is so solid and I am so excited to hear about the blessings that will continue to come into her life and to her kids from being baptized.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in Canberra again, especially in Tuggeranong ward, which really grew on me and now I am so sad to say goodbye. I am also so grateful for the privilege of serving with and learning from Sister Haretuku. She has really helped me realize more of my full potential this past transfer.

I am excited for whatever the coming transfers bring!

Sister Pace

Some of my favorite members: 
Ernest and Lola:

Sister Tan:

Melody's Baptism:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

30 December 2017 Letter

It was an amazing week! Christmas was so good and relaxing! And then getting to google chat my whole family on Boxing Day was THE BEST! 

Yesterday was probably the most miraculous day of my entire mission. At the beginning of the transfer, Sister Haretuku and I set goals that would stretch us this transfer but that we truly believed we could reach with the Lord's help. Throughout the transfer, we realized we were reaching a lot of them but falling short in the sacrament meeting and baptized and confirmed ones. We have been doing everything we can to boost these the past couple weeks. We knew that none of our 3 investigators on date for baptism would be able to be baptized this transfer transfer because they have not been to church three weeks in a row. The only one was our investigator Melody, a former investigator we recently picked up, who has been really consistent the past couple weeks. We went into our lesson yesterday, not sure whether or not she would be ready to accept a baptismal date yet, as she wanted to take things slower this time. Our member Sister Tan came with us and really helped her to understand that she doesn't know everything, but she knows enough. Miraculously, Melody accepted a baptismal date for next Saturday, January 6th, right before the transfer ends! I know that Heavenly Father really helps us reach our goals, or get much closer than we could have on our own when we are following the spirit in setting them, and then doing all that we possibly can to reach them. He is amazing and so good to all of us!

That was the biggest miracle I wanted to share this week. I am so grateful that The Lord allows us imperfect missionaries to do His perfect work, and just make things work out. I am so grateful for the experiences I have had in Tuggeranong thus far.

Have a happy new year!

Sister Pace

1) (Above):  Us and Jae, a new YSA in our ward, on Christmas Eve:)

2) Christmas breakfast with the Canberra Zone at Elder and Sister Anderson's house:
 3) Christmas banana grams:
 4) A hilarious christmas present we got from a member!
5) Zone gift exchange: I got a golden snitch fidget spinner!

Google chatting on Christmas Day with the family (Australia,Texas, and Nevada):