Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, August 6, 2017

7 August 2017 Letter

Hi President and Sister Bingham!

This week has been a miraculous one yet again with finding new investigators. I pray that we can be adequate teachers and inviters of the spirit for those that we have had the blessing of finding. We have had trouble lately with helping our investigators to really keep commitments we extend to them. This morning, I was reading about how Aaron taught Lamoni's father and Lamoni's father, in prayer, asks God to make himself manifest to him, then he will give up everything to know Him. I realized that many of our investigators probably are not actually sure that there is a God, therefore they don't have much motivation to do the things that He has asked us to do. I think we need to focus on going back to the basics and helping them understand that there IS a loving Heavenly Father for all of us. Hopefully, as we strive to be more consecrated and humble and diligent this week like you both have said, we can figure out how to help these individuals.

I am impressed by how well Sister Parungo picks up on all the different aspects of missionary work. She is doing great and makes life so fun for me!

I also had the chance to go on a trade-off with Sister ZoBell this week and I was really impressed by the progress she has made in just one transfer of being out. She is so diligent and positive. She is a blessing to our zone! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with such wonderful people, especially here in the Mittagong Branch. I love you both, have a great week!

Sister Pace

Well  I have no time, but I will send a lot of pictures from yesterday. I got so spoiled for my bday. I got two cakes(one from the Elders one from Sister Mckeown), A decorated car from the youth in the branch, flowers from Sister Sullivan, a spaghetti dinner from Sister Parungo, my birthday got announced in sacrament meeting and mentioned several times in testimony meeting #onlyinabranch, a package of clothes from Lyndsi, another gift and balloons from the elders, and so much more love. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude. I love the Mittagong Branch! Besides that, we had a good Missionary Leadership Council this week and trade-offs with the Ulladulla sisters(They live on the beach, so that was a beautiful drive). We have a couple new investigators this week, so hopefully we can help them progress and keep commitments. Thank you all for the prayers and happy birthday wishes! I have THE BEST family and friends! Have a great week everyone!

Sister Pace

The Elders banged on our door right at 6:30 a.m. yesterday with this ice-cream cake and poster!:
Some of the Murrin kids who helped destroy our car.  I love them!:

Part of our beautiful 2 hour drive to Ulladulla for trade-offs.  Our South Coast Zone is so huge.  Sometimes I feel like I have been called to the Australia Sydney South driving mission.  The good news is:  Sister Parungo got driving certified this week so we can trade-off now!  WooHOoo!:
DTM throwing up our Dapttagong signs:
Fitzroy Falls:

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