Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I don't have too much time, but I'm doing great!
A couple highlights of the week were:

-Doing trade-offs with the sisters serving in Wollongong! They are both Filipinas as well so it was a Filipina party! That day, we did Table finding in the courtyard of the street of shops in Bowral with all 4 of us sisters and the Mittagong elders. We borrowed a huge poster of the Savior from the mission office to grab attention. It was so fun! We weren't having much success with all of us trying to talk to people passing by, so we decided to have 4 of us sing hymns while two talked to passers-by. It was amazing how the atmosphere changed and the spirit was there. People were no longer annoyed by us but actually smiled and appreciated us being there.

-I got to attend MLC (missionary leadership council) on Tuesday. It was so wonderful to learn from President and Sister Bingham and from the AP's. We set mission goals and I better understand what my role is as a leader in the mission And what all the rules actually are. I left with a greater desire and motivation to be exactly obedient and diligent, so I can set the example that is expected of me as a Sister Training Leader. The Bingham's are really great and going to do great things for the mission!

-Yesterday (Sunday) we got to attend Peri Murren's (an 8 year old girl in the branch) baptism. The Murren’s have a huge family, and it was hard to fit everyone into our tiny branch building. We helped them set up and take down and got to talk to a lot of their family. It was so fun because they remind me a lot of my own, who recently had a family reunion as well.

We have been making a little progress with a few of our investigators this week. so  I’ll let you know how it goes. Love you all!!

Sister Pace
Pictures 1-4:  Table Finding and Hymn Singing at the Bowral shops:

#5:  The one guy who accepted our free selfie invitation, haha.

 #6-7:  Relief Society Activity, my first High Tea!!!:

#8-9:  Peri Murren got baptized on Sunday!  July is baptism month apparently!
So happy because there was ice cream and good food at the baptism!

#10:  Me with Brother Seville's granddaughters at Paul's baptism:

#11:  The Snell's and Sister Mackey!:
#12-15:  Most of our zone did a beach walk in Dapto!:

Me and the birds

Sisters Yuson (Philippines) and Chan (Hong Kong)<3

 Us and the Nowra Sisters:

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