Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, June 25, 2017

26 June 2017 Letter

Hello all!

Hope it's been a great week for everyone! It sure has been for us! We are mostly just scrambling to make sure Patrice and Paul are prepared for their baptisms coming up quickly here.

Patrice's is on Saturday at 11am!!!!!!!!!! She is so prepared and doing super good. She is excited, we typed up a program for her on Saturday:)

Paul is also doing better than I ever expected. He is still set on July 5th for baptism! It's a Wednesday, and we are meeting our new mission president that morning so it might not be till that night, but it is happening! We still have a few lessons to teach him so we will be seeing him close to everyday this week. He is prepared though, because he believes fully and wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ:) We taught him the Word of Wisdom on Saturday and he is willing to live it, which for him includes giving up coffee and tea. He is amazing! I'll send a pic that Sister Sumaribos got of us at a branch Trivia Night on Saturday. He is really coming out of his shell because he came to that, and he came to, and intends to continue, coming to all 3 hours of church every Sunday! It's pretty much a miracle! Sister Mackey, the member who introduced us to Paul, has been the key to helping him progress and understand the blessing of the gospel. They are great friends because Sister Mackey cleans his flat once a week. 

Member missionary work is so much more effective than us just doing it on our own!! Pray about who of your friends might be prepared to receive the gospel right now, and Heavenly Father will bring someone to mind, then with His help, you can invite them to come to Christ and experience incomprehensible joy! This is The Lord's work and it works!

I love this branch, my companion, those that we have the privilege of teaching, everything I am learning everyday, and everything about my mission right now! It is such a blessing to participate in the greatest work on the Earth every day and along with that, to be building life-long friendships with the best people! What a blessing the gospel is to my life!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to be happy because you are His daughter or son:)

Sister Pace

[. . . And a little news from Emmalynn’s family email this week (She is getting a new Mission President)]:

(President and Sister Back) are the best and  I will really miss them! The Bingham's (new Mission President) get here July 1, the day of Patrice's baptism, so unfortunately neither presidents will be able to come:/ But maybe to Paul's on the 5th!

Yeah, President asked me to be a Sister Training Leader (STL) this transfer. SO basically I just go on trade-offs with the other sisters in my zone and be a good example and support them in any way that I can. Sister Beck, from Iowa, is the other STL in our zone. There are 8 sisters in my zone, they are all great! Also, I go to Missionary Leadership Committee when the new President gets here, where we will receive further training and stuff. So I don't really know what I’m doing yet...haha

1-last time seeing President and Sister Back:( We had a district meeting at their house on Wednesday. They are so awesome and I will really miss them!

2- Paul!!!! He is such a jovial man! He is the best:

3-One of the minute to win it games at trivia night: get all the cotton balls onto the plate just by your nose and petrolium jelly:):

4--Got to see my old comp, Sister Nilsson finally!:

5-The Back's with the Dapttagong District:)

6-Sister Recktenwald, from Germany, took us on a ride on her fancy lawn mower. Good Times!

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