Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, May 28, 2017

29 May 2017 Letter

Hi President!

Thank you for your letters both personal and for the mission, that are always so inspiring and helpful. This week, we continued to see miracles. Our investigator, Patrice, accepted a baptismal date for June 24th! She wants to make sure she feels completely worthy and work through a few personal issues before she is baptized, but  I feel confident that as we finish up the lessons with her and continue to help her in any way we can, that she will be ready by then! She is so good, and even helping her mom, who has been a less active member for a long time, get back to doing family scripture study and prayer! It has been so rewarding to see both of their progress! We love them!

We will be working with our other investigators to try to help them get to the same point. Have a great week President! Thank you for all that you and Sister Back do!

Hello all!

Well, that is the biggest miracle of the week! We are so happy and excited for Patrice! Thank you for your prayers family! She is progressing so well. The song "miracles" from Prince of Egypt was definitely sung at full volume on the drive home after our lesson with her Wednesday night:)I just hope that we are both still here for it....:/ Either way, it has been so wonderful to be an instrument in helping Patrice learn about and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is going to bless the rest of her life and into the eternities! It already has, we have seen it!

Besides that, we are just trying to help all our other ones to keep commitments so they can start progressing as well.
This week, we have met a lot of people who want to debate and challenge our beliefs. That can be tough when you are just trying to spread the love, but  I am so grateful to have a strong testimony that has been slowly but surely built upon the blessings and growth  I have seen from the gospel in my life. As they say, the church is true and the book is blue!

Have a great week everyone!

Sister Pace

There are so many waterfalls here! We hiked to another one last P-day, Fitzroy Falls. The coolest part was getting to go under part of the water fall!


Finally remembered to get a picture with the Snells!  From left to right it's Sister Mollow (their fellowshipper), Patrice, then Sister Snell.  I love them all so much!

You can't really see it, but we wrote our name on a tree where many others had been carved.

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