Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 8, 2017

8 May 2017 Letter

What a happy week it has been! It went be really fast and we saw lots of miracles, as usual:)

One of the coolest experiences was meeting Ingrid. We were on our way to try to visit a less active member in one of our farther areas, then decided to try a potential we met the week before, a teenage girl named Claudia. When we knocked on their door, her mom, Ingrid, answered. She was having a horrible day. She had almost got put into a mental institution that very day because she gets suicidal. So sad:(  We were literally there in the perfect time of her need though, and we testified of that to her-- Letting her know that Heavenly Father is aware of her and wants to help her find joy and peace. She had let us in right away because she had lots of questions. We were able to teach her the whole plan of salvation, which she was especially glad to hear because her son was killed 4 years ago and she wasn't sure if they would ever be together again or not. It was such a happy thing to be able to testify that she would be with him again and her other son who she lost through a miscarriage. What a miracle! I'm so grateful that we were able to be the means through which she received help and hope.

We saw her again on Saturday and she has desires to be baptized. We are excited to set a date for baptism for her to work towards this week!

We were able to teach Patrice the Plan of Salvation this week as well. We tried to set a baptismal date for her but she does not feel ready to set one yet. No worries though, we know she will be in the right time! She wasn't feeling well on Sunday so she wasn't at church. Neither were the Ragg's which we were sad about, nevertheless, Heavenly Father blessed us with different miracles. Patrice's mom, Sister Snell, who has been inactive for a really long time, came to all three hours of church yesterday! It has been so good for both her and Patrice that we are teaching them the lessons. We are going to do some family history with them tomorrow night! They are so great!

Also, a less active member, Sister Recktenwald, from Germany, came to church! She met with the branch president and he told us that she wants to come fully back into activity! We love her and are so happy she has made that decision! Her husband, also from Germany, has always been active, and you could tell he was so happy to have her there:) SO many miracles!

I don't have much more time, but on Friday we had district meeting and Elder Paie, our district leader gave a training on the importance of time. He gave us each a check for $86,400 and had us write down what we would use the money for if we got that every day and we had to spend all of it and we didn't know when we would stop getting that much money every day. He then told us that that is how many seconds we have in a day. the same conditions apply, we can’t save it, and we don't know when that supply will be taken away. It’s a good way to think of it. Time is so precious! So go and do something TODAY!

Love You all! Can’t wait to Skype my fam next week!

Sister Pace

Photo above:  Beautiful tree at the Dapto chapel
Photo below:  Tracting in the beauty of the Earth!

Last P-Day we went to Carrington Falls, a waterfall about 40 minutes away from where we live.  It was soooo beautiful!  Put it on your bucket list!

The Elders' favorite pose:

Sister Sumaribos and Elder Lammi lol

This is a business card that the Elders made for us to give to people in the branch so they remember we exist.

Our District name in Dapttagong, which I came up with (The couple name of Dapto and Mittagong), and this is the weird symbol we came up with for it.

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