Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, May 21, 2017


I hope everyone has had a good week:) Mine was fantastic! SO many miracles again. Lately, I have been sending more details to my mission president so I will attach the letter again:

Hi President!

It has been another miraculous week! Yesterday, we were so happy to see three of the less active members we have been working with at sacrament meeting! It was so rewarding to see them there and benefiting from being there. One of them, Sister Snell (whose daughter is our investigator, Patrice), will be getting her patriarchal blessing soon and wants to work towards the temple! Heavenly Father has really been in the work here and I am so thankful I have been able to take part in it!

Patrice, our investigator, is doing really well. She came to all three hours of church yesterday and enjoyed them. She has lots of questions about baptism and really wants to feel prepared to do so. She doesn't feel that she is worthy to set a baptismal date yet because of some personal things she is working on. Sister Sumaribos and I feel she is ready because she really keeps commitments and we are seeing her faith grow. Hopefully we can help her work through her personal problems and mental barriers so that she can start working towards a date. She is so good though!
It is really wonderful and fulfilling to be part of the work of salvation in Mittagong Branch. I really love the members, investigators, and all the people here!

I hope you and Sister Back are doing well, we love you!
Sister Pace

Yeah, so Patrice is doing really well. We started doing a weekly BOM study with her and Sister Snell on Saturdays, which is awesome. They are going to start doing family Scripture study together every night. They are so good! I keep forgetting to get a picture with them. Next week! After church on Sunday, President Sullivan gave Sister Snell some reading preparation for receiving her patriarchal blessing, and Patrice says "I wish they had something like this for baptism". She really has the desire! We gave her a gospel principles manual because she wants to read the chapter on baptism. J

Everybody in my branch is so funny! Most of them are old. Sister Orrock is 92 years old. We visit her twice a week just to give her company. All she does all day long is listen to conference talks on her CD player at full volume because she has really bad sight and vision. We love her so much! On Sunday, she said the closing prayer in Relief society and she says "Please bless our prophet, Spencer W. .... Monson."  I could barely keep it together, haha!

Another highlight of my week was getting a birthday package three months early from Mom and Dad! They are the best and sent me more warm clothing! Who would have thought I would have needed it in Australia. Thanks so much mom and dad! It really made my day!

1- When we visited the Seville's Saturday night. Barbara is from New Guinea. She is one of the ones who hasn't been to church in forever because she has a hectic job, but she came to sacrament on Sunday, which was a miracle. When we saw them both pull up at church together, we were so happy! I had to try to control Sister Sumaribos, who was jumping up and down:)
2- Finally 20! 3 months.

3- One of my cute new skirts!  Yay!!!!
Mom and Dad, Thank you so so so so much for the wonderful birthday package! I love all the clothes,  I am especially excited about the dress! So cute! And for the extra motab CD's and chocolate! WE are really loving a change of motab haha. You guys are so thoughtful and loving. I am so lucky to have such loving, supportive, and encouraging parents. You are truly THE BEST XOxoxoXOXOXOXOXO.

4- My cute companion and a pretty cat.

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