Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, June 4, 2017

5 June 2017 Letter

Holy Cow, its already June!

My letter to President this week once again sums up some of the highlights of this week:

Dear President,

It has been another wonderful week. I am so grateful to be in such a wonderful area with such a wonderful companion. I really enjoy working with a branch because I get to know everyone better individually. We have some great members. Our investigator Patrice, is still doing well. Also, a miracle came from your challenge of having us invite everyone we meet to sacrament meeting!

We teach a man every week named Paul, who has Asperger's and some autism. We have invited him to church a few times before, but he has kindly declined because he is very introverted and only likes small groups of people. We decided to invite him again because of your challenge, not really expecting any change, but to our surprise he said he would come to sacrament meeting! He was there on Sunday and we think he had a great experience. Not only that, but he is reading the BOM and enjoying it, and we committed him to baptism again, and he said he will pray about it.
This experience strengthened my testimony that the gospel is for EVERYONE and everyone can progress and accept it.

I am really feeling the joys of missionary work lately. Sister Snell, Patrice's mom, who has been less-active for years, bore a beautiful testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday for the first time in a long time. It was so cool to see. I am so grateful I decided to serve a mission, because moments like these make it all worth it!

Thank you to you and Sister Back for the wonderful trainings at zone conference. I am more excited about reading the BOM now that the order of the stories is fitting together better in my head. We love and appreciate you both so much! Have a wonderful week!

So we had a great zone conference and P-day on Friday. For P-day, we went to a beach, had a BBQ, played sports, and "Big Buddha" (the missionary version of "Big-Boody).Thanks to my three years of dance team and dance camps, I was the unbeatable "Big Buddha".

We were also able to see the Ragg family again, finally this week. It was a good visit, but they don't keep commitments like praying, reading, and coming to church, so we can’t really help them progress until they do. Pray for them!

It has been a productive week though! Thanks for all the prayers! I appreciate them and feel the blessings:)
Have a great week!

Sister Pace

This week, Sister Orrack, a 92 year old woman in the branch fell and hit her head, so now she will be moving into a nursing home closer to Sydney. We are so sad about it because until now, we have been visiting her a couple times a week. She is the most amazing person because she can’t hear or see very well so she just listens to conference talks on high volume all day. We will miss her so much!:

 Sister Orrock, My Companion, Brother Finnigan, Sister McKeown:

Just in case anyone was wondering what an Aussie $50 bill looks like:

Barbara Seville, Brother Finnigan, and Brother Seville.  Love them!:

We meet so many devilish looking cats!:

Mittagong missionaries:

Basic "name tag on beach" picture:

I don't know what my companion is doing.:

We had a Zone P-day after Zone Conference on Friday at a beach in Dapto, about an hour away from our area.  It was so pretty!

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