Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hello family and friends!

I hope everyone has had a happy week. This week flew by for Sis Parungo and I.

This week we had several service opportunities for members. We did painting, decorating, speech lessons for Brother Jackson who had a stroke. As a result, we also received a few referrals! One of them is a family. The mom in Maori and the dad is Samoan. Sister Mackey wants us to visit them because they speak Samoan and so does my soa (companion), so hopefully they can bond. We hope for the best with these people. It is good that they will have an instant fellowship.

This week I also had the privileged of doing a trade-off with Sister La'akulu from Tonga. She is so wonderful and loving to all! I always learn a lot on trade-offs both from the sister I am working with, and re appreciating some of the strengths of my companion as well. Sister Parungo is still adjusting well, which is good to see.

This week, we might have to drop some of our investigators who are not progressing. Sister Parungo also had an inspired idea that we should try picking up some former investigators, so we are excited to try that this week. We are working hard to bring The Lord's miracles into our area.

Elder Kenworthy went home this week, which was sad, but we got a great new elder, Elder Slade, from Samoa.
Not too much more to report this week. Have another good week everyone!

Sister Pace

1.  We met some cool people on the street yesterday riding their horses down the main road.  They stopped to let us pet them.
2.  Lunch after trade-offs with the Dapto Sisters. L-R:  Sisters Chan,k Parungo, Pace, and La'akulu.

3.  Oh, and then there's this picture, haha--Elder Kenworthy's dying picture.

4.  Heaps Close.

5.  I made Elder Kenworthy ice cream cookie sandwiches for his birthday on Tuesday.  Lots of B-days!

6-8.  Our Branch had a Winter Ball.  We helped out by doing activities with the kids.  There ended up only being one kid to entertain, Steffi.  We made sure she had fun though.  

9.  We helped out by doing activities with the kids, but we got to participate in the photo booth. :)

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