Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

13 June 2017 Letter

The highlight of this week is that both Sister Sumaribos and  I are both staying in Mittagong for another transfer!!!!!!! WOOHOO! That means we will both get to witness Patrice's baptism. Patrice was really happy to hear that too. On Sunday, the day after we found out, she kept hugging me and saying " I'm so happy you're staying!" it made me feel so loved! She is so wonderful and we really love her! Patrice has moved her baptismal date to July 1, the week after. Things just seem to be working out better for that date. She is also working on quitting smoking, and is doing well. But she feels that date will give her the time she needs to be completely ready. We are so excited for her! We really love her so much!

 Paul, who I wrote a little about last week, has told us that he is committed to be baptized! He was thinking sometime next year, but we assured him that he could be ready a lot earlier than that, so he is praying about next month:)

Besides that, we have a couple new investigators and have had the opportunity to teach a few people for the first time this week. We pray that we can continue to help the elect souls who are ready right now, to progress. Things are going really good here, which I am grateful for!

Just wanted to share a quick miracle:
While knocking doors in Bowral the other day, we decided to re-knock on some doors on Gordon Road, that hadn't answered the night before. At one door, a young woman named Tess answered, and she let us come in to share a message! She is so cool and has beautiful red hair. As we shared the lesson, we found out that her partner, Joshua, we had met several week ago while he was on his lunch break in a park in Moss Vale, a different town! HE wasn't there but she knew who we were because Joshua had told her all about us and the Book of Mormon we gave him. It was such a miracle because I remember feeling sad that we didn't get Joshua's contact info the first time because he seemed pretty prepared to hear our message. Then Heavenly Father led us right to his house! These things aren't just coincidences, but Heavenly Father leading us to those who are prepared. Hopefully we can see them again soon!

I am loving every day here. Heavenly Father is really blessing us and those we are working with! Thanks for the prayers and love! Love you all, you are in my prayers! Have a great week!

Sister Pace

1-When you're knocking doors on a rainy day and run into a penguin friend that makes your day brighter!

2-Uncle Shane, I didn't know you were in a blues trio that is touring Australia?

3- Natalie from the Branch:

4- Elder and Sister Allred, the senior couple missionaries serving in Nowra.  They came on Friday and took us to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Bowral.  Elder Allred used to work at UVU!  He remembers me serving him at Costa Vida, haha:

5 and 6- District P-Day Bowling:

7-14:  More District P-Day pictures.  Dapttagongs assemble/ Kiama Blowhole:

 Kiama Blowhole/ Daptagong Sisters:

 Lighthouse at Kiama Blowhole:

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