Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 7, 2016

First P-Day, Thursday, Nov 3rd

Hello family and friends! How is everything? My first week here at the MTC has felt like a month but I love it here. Every day is so productive and I learn so much here. My district is Sister Ockey and I, Sister Meyer and Sister Howard (Australia), Elders Reese and Kelley, Elders Gunnell and Talgo (Charlotte, North Carolina), and Elders Killian and Merill (Fort Collins, Colorado). Elder Killian says he's related to the Henderson Killians too, so thats fun. I love my district! I've already learned so much from each of them, and they are the funnest people. i'm actually really sad we're not all going to the same mission.

The first couple days here, they kept us super busy but things have calmed down a little now. I was really sad about leaving my family the weekend before I came, but since being here, I have felt really peaceful and happy. I have made so many great friends here! Especially my companion. I really lucked out with Sister Ockey. We room with four sisters not in our district, who are all so fun. Our teachers are really great and we practice teaching a lot. We teach our teachers as if they are investigators and we also teach TRC's which are are people who come to the MTC to be taught. Most of them are actually members but they don't tell us who. It is becoming easier to teach as I apply the teaching skills we're learning and try to go by the spirit, which is the most important part. Our branch presidency is the best. President and Sister Marks, The Birds, and The Thaynes. Brother Thayne is funny because he wears hip shoes like converse and vans all the time until his wife says he can't wear them in the MTC, and he's the oldest one of them all. They teach us and we have sacrament meeting with them, but mostly they just love us.

On Saturday, Sister Ockey and I were walking around the missionary field outside, and my brother Matt honked and waved at us. Haha, somehow I knew that would happen. Then some boys driving past yelled "Dab, Sisters!", Then I just felt like I knew everyone and I was breaking the rules somehow so we just went back inside haha. I love exercise time because all we do is sit and eat. Sister Ockey and I like to do the same things so that's another great thing about her.

Everyone says just "just make it to Sunday" here but for me Sunday was one of the longest days. It was amazing but spiritually exhausting. We sang in choir, had normal Sunday meetings, and had a few devotionals.

On Tuesday night, we had a devotional. Nobody knew who was coming but we knew it was going to be someone big because they were preparing to broadcast it to all 14 MTCs all over the world. When we were singing the prelude hymns and President Nelson and his wife walk in, I was so happy! They are so precious and  just love them. I was able to sing 'Praise to the Man' for them in a choir of about 1500 missionaries. It was so cool. I felt the spirit so strong every time we sang it, even just in practice. Our choir director was Brother Egget, who is amazing and he told us the whole story behind why the author wrote 'Praise to the Man'. I love how we sing hymns so much here because that is when I feel the love of God the strongest. The Nelsons talked about how important our missions are. She said that we should be praying to be led to those whose ancestors are waiting to receive the gospel because they are so eager for their temple work to be done. He talked about how important it is for us as missionaries to be converted and have the Doctrine of Christ engraved in our hearts. I liked how he said "multi-generation families of faith will come from your service to others". That really made me want to utilize my study time more wisely and ask God what I should be praying for so I can be prepared when I get that opportunity. I know that President Nelson is an apostle called of God. I could feel that so strongly, being in the same room as him.

After the devotional, we had a district review of it where we shared our favorite parts and our testimonies. That was a tender meeting. I hope I can keep in touch with my district after the MTC because they are all so great.

Yesterday when new missionaries came in again, I found out that GENEVIEVE WEAVER IS IN MY ZONE! Man I was so happy when I saw her. What are the odds? She is one of my best friends from high school and UVU roommates. I'm excited to get to see her pretty often.

Overall all, I am really happy here. I'm grateful I have this time to prepare more for my mission.

I love you all,
Sister Pace

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