Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

19 April 2017 Letter

Hello and happy late Easter!

Sorry for the late email. Monday was a public holiday and yesterday was zone conference. A lady in Dapto ward said that she posted about it on FB and that my mom commented, so I'm happy you knew. Facebook is an amazing thing.

The past week has been a really happy one with Easter. I spoke about Easter according to the bible in sacrament meeting. It was so good for me to brush up on the four gospels and the actual story of Easter from the Last Supper to The Resurrection. I have been focusing mostly on the Book of Mormon lately, which tells me more how I can use the Savior's Atonement in my life. It was good to think about all the actual events that occurred. The branch also put together a little choir to sing He is Risen too, which was nice. One of our investigators, a 9-year old girl named Kaitlyn, came with her mom too :)

The rest of the day, we mostly just tracted around, handing out the Easter Initiative cards, and spreading Easter cheer. It reminded me of Christmas and sharing the Christmas video with people. If you haven't seen the Prince of Peace and the Principles of Peace videos, I would recommend them! They help us to understand how we can access the peace, joy, and power that the Savior can give us.

On Thursday night, we went to a play that the Anglican church put on for Easter because one of our investigators, Steve, was acting in it. It was called "The Mark Drama" and they acted out the whole gospel of Mark in 90 minutes. It was really cool to see it all so quickly. It made me think a lot about the Atonement, and how our church looks at it differently from others. How we don't dwell on the cross but on the Resurrection. And how we all have different interpretations of the Savior's attitude, personality, and nature. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon, that helps me more fully understand who Jesus Christ is and All he did for us in preforming the Atonement. It clarifies the bible and the bible helps clarify and explain the Book of Mormon. It's so cool! It was fun to go to a play, it reminded me of the "Savior of the World" play that dad was in once, except they were just wearing regular clothes and much more dramatic.

The Ragg family is doing good. We are going to try to meet with them more often during the week if we can. We have just been reading from the BOM with them lately. It is cool to see that they are really taking it in and understanding! Mia asked how you become a "one of us" and we got to talking about baptism. They want to have their kids baptized into a church and have lots of questions so we will teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson next. They seem really prepared! Keep them in your prayers! They haven't been able to come to church yet, so hopefully soon!

We won’t be able to meet with Patrice this week because we had a conference on Tuesday and one tomorrow in Sydney, on the day we were planning, but we are excited to start teaching her.

We have a few new investigators so hopefully we can help some of them to progress.

Zone Conference was really great yesterday. I love seeing all the missionaries in my zone and especially getting to see President and Sister Back! The theme was a talk called "the Consecrated Missionary", but I mostly just got out of it that I need to be constantly looking to the Savior because He offers peace and eternal life. I can look to Him by continually learning more about Him and always reaching for Him through prayer and repentance(change for the better).

I love you all and I appreciate all the love so much! Make it a great week!

Sister Pace

P.S. Mom, you asked what part of my day is the hardest, and I would probably say the mornings right when we start proselyting and it is a little bit slower.  And planning out the day is a little stressful sometimes because we want to make sure we are going by the Spirit but we also have a limited number of kilometers in our car that we need to carefully plan. Each day is different though and we experience miracles daily. Every day gets a little better I think. Prayer is so powerful and the answer to every problem, so I am so grateful to have that and better understand how to pray with a sincere heart.

Thanks for all the pictures, have a great week!

The Ragg Family!  Me, Sumaribos, Mia, Lexi, Kayla, Cane, and Michael (Cane's little brother who was there that night):

Sister Back!  She and President Back are so cool!  I love them and will miss them when they go in July. :(

Sister Fifita from New Zealand <3 :

Sisters Fifita and Sumaribos:

 All the Filipinas and me at zone conference yesterday (Sisters Sumaribos, Villanueva, and Yuson).  They are so tiny! :  

Beautiful (and chilly) Bowral, Australia:

Trade-offs in Nowra with Sister Uelese from New Zealand.  She is the best!  We did finding outside the mall by passing out Easter Eggs to people.  So fun!:

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