Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 20, 2017

So this week there has been so much I don’t even know where to begin. The biggest news: I have been transferred to Mittagong Branch yesterday! It is in the South Coast Zone which means it is beautiful. Apparently it has rained every day the past couple weeks. I feel like I am in Oregon or something, which I love! Also, my new comp is Sister Sumaribos, from the Philippines! She is so sweet and cool. She has only been out in the field for 3 weeks, which scared me a lot when I first found out, especially Mittagong being a new area for me as well. But she is so sweet and cool and doesn't seem to need much more training which is good! She is 26 and already got her degree in teaching high school. She's basically a rock star, I am going to love being with her! Being in a Branch and in the "bush" or more country area is going to be way different,  I can already tell. Apparently there are about 50-60 active members and the area is huge. When we were driving on the highway to Sydney for transfers yesterday, one of the Elders told me where my area starts. About an hour later, he informed me that we were still in my area! It’s going to be crazy figuring out how to get to all of these places and use the kilometers on our car wisely, but we'll do it. I already really like the people I've met. Also, our flat is apparently the best one in the mission because it used to be a senior missionary couple's flat. Its basically a house to the two of us, which is awesome for everything besides cleaning.

My last week in Canberra was super good. I am going to miss seeing Sister Nilsson, Mills, and Kapu all the time:/ I loved my district so much! and the whole Canberra zone. I’m excited to get to know other missionaries though.

One of the Elder's investigators, Wyman, got baptized on Saturday. I don’t know if you remember me writing about him at the beginning of my mission, but he was one of the first people  I ever talked to on the street and it was a miracle because we weren’t even talking to him, but he overheard what we were saying to another guy and wanted to know about Jesus Christ. Anyway, we passed him to the Mandarin speaking Elders and they did a great job teaching him. I got to give the talk on baptism which was really cool:)

Apparently Ali moved to Sydney so we are trying to get his info so the missionaries there can teach him. Arsene, recent convert Grace's brother, is doing so good. I think he will be baptized this transfer. He is learning all he can and contributing in church lessons. I will miss him and Grace. The other day, they started remembering all these bible songs their mom had taught them when they were little and singing them for us in Swahili. It was so sweet to hear them tell stories about their mom, who has passed. Grace started teaching one of the songs about Ezekiel.

On Friday, we had a great District Training meeting where everyone bore testimony. I love getting to bear my testimony in small groups because I don’t feel pressured to say a certain thing and I learn a lot about myself and others. I have learned a lot about myself and my weaknesses and strengths this past transfer with Sister Nilsson and I am so grateful for that. Life is good when I am trying to be better and humble every day.

On my last Sunday in Canberra, I was asked to participate in every meeting in Ginninderra ward. I gave the opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting, taught repentance in Gospel Principles with Sis NIlsson, and bore my testimony in Relief Society. I love both Ginninderra and Belconnen wards a lot and  I will miss the people, especially the Loney's:(  I took heaps of pics so hopefully I have enough time to attach some!

Sis Pace

River Hike with Canberra Zone a couple of P-Days ago:

With Sister Mills

With Sisters Bird, Bergoyne, Nilsson and Kapu
Australian National Museum

With the Clarks

 Ginninderra District
 Elders leaving to to home and Megan
 The Leefe Family
 The Loney Family (Ward Mission Leader)
 Dinner with the Arnold Family:  Shaela
 Sister Mills and Elder Lee going home
 Above:  With Sister Bradford.
 Below:  Paita between Sisters Pace and Nilsson;
               and Wyman's Baptism

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