Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 13, 2017

G' Day Mates!

G ‘day mates!
It’s been a great week with so many miracles and tender mercies from the Lord (as usual when we are working hard and having faith).
The most exciting thing was that we put Ali on date for baptism for April 8th! (we're probably going to have to change it because that is when conference is, lol) We have to teach him really slowly because of the language barrier, but he is so willing and eager to learn! Apparently when we invited him to come to Stuart's baptism (one of the Elders' investigators) he thought we were going to baptize him! And he came! haha. We explained to him that it will take some time to learn the basics but that he will get there. He has been looking for the truth and a happier life for a while now. He has had a really sad past:( Because of it he is super humble and really needs the gospel in his life. We are so excited for him and the beautiful change this will be for him!
We also have a new investigator named Arsene. I sent a picture of his little sister, Grace, who is a recent convert. They came here as refugees from the Congo and they are both so fun and cool. He told us that he has been "lost" for too long and wants to commit to a religion. He wants to know which one is the truth of all of them. He loves learning and he is already progressing.
We had a lesson with Norbert on Tuesday and he broke our heart and told us that he is going to Africa for 3 months to do more research for his HIV antibiotic. He is so good though, and will definitely progress when he gets back. He even said he wishes he could postpone his trip to learn more.
On Sunday, I got to experience a sacrament meeting and relief society meeting in a branch, which is a lot smaller than a ward. There is an city, in Ginninderra ward, called Goulburn and it is an hour away from Canberra. There are a couple sisters and families that drive an hour from Goulburn to church EVERY WEEK! So once a month, they have a meeting up there instead. Several Ginninderra ward, and stake members have to come as well to make it work. There are mostly just sisters there, so not a lot of priesthood holders. That's why they aren't an official branch yet. It was interesting to have the sacrament in a scout hall, and then a primary and relief society were just on opposite sides of the hall so sometimes, it was a little hard to hear. We drove with Sister Loney and Sister Reaside, who are both in the Ginninderra relief society presidency.
Last night we had a surprise sleepover for Sister Mills and Sister Bird, who are both going home next week at the Clark's house. It was way fun! I love the sisters in the zone, they are all so fun. Especially my flat mates. Many of the nights in our flat consist of wrestling matches or dance offs.
Overall, great things are happening here in Canberra! I am building more confidence the more I teach people and handle different situations. Now I'm just scared that I will very likely be transferred next week :/ I'm excited for whatever is coming next though. The mission is such an adventure every day and it’s best when I just lose myself in the busy days. Thanks for the emails and love! I hope you all make this week a great one!
Sister Pace

1-driving back from Sydney after our mission tour with President Halleck of the seventy.
2-the famous "Big Merino" sheep in Goulburn (Above). You can climb up inside it and look out its eyes at the gas station across the street, haha.

1- Almost swapped name tags after changing in the car after we cleaned a nasty house with mice in it.

2,3-bringing all the blankets to the sleepover!

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