Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Heaps of Books of Mormon and Potentials

Hello good people. Coming at you from Canberra, Australia after another solid week.
The highlight of this week included singing at the Canberra Multi-Cultural festival on Sunday with most of the other missionaries in our zone. We sang at the pacific islander stage and we sang "Called to Serve", "The Spirit of God", "Humble Yourself", and a missionary medley which ended with us singing "I am a Child of God" First in English, then in Tongan, Samoan, and Maori. After, they wanted an encore so we sang "Armies of Helaman". It was so good and fun! I love how many opportunities we receive to sing and preform as missionaries. If you want to see the performance, I was told that a Tim Kalinohea uploaded them to his FB page. I'm not sure if they will be public for anyone to see but its worth a shot. It was such a great experience to invite the spirit and share our testimonies at a festival with thousands of people there and many stopped by to listen.
There were lots of good finding opportunities this week with the Multi-cultural festival and orientation week at Australian National University. Brother Loney (the Ginninderra ward mission leader) organized for us to get a booth at their "O-Week" Markey Day! We were next to booths of other churches and religious groups and we basically tried to stop people and pull them in for a minute to share more with them or give them a Book of Mormon. We ended up handing out over 50 Books of Mormon and getting over 40 potential investigators! It was crazy but really fun too. I love the missionaries in my district and zone. I am so glad I get to be here and meeting so many great people!
As for our investigators, we are excited about one named Awak. She is from South Sudan. She has two adorable little girls and her partners name is William. We have taught her twice and met William once at the door. He said he had started reading the Book of Mormon, out of curiosity after we gave it to Awak. We hope to be able to teach both of them next time! Awak said she would come to church yesterday  but she and her daughter ended up being sick and couldn't come. We pray that she will continue to have the desire to come this week, and to read from the Book of Mormon so we can help her progress.
On Saturday, We met a Persian man sitting on his porch named Korosh. He has no family here and he has to work all the time to provide for his family back home. We told him about the gospel and how our wards in church are like families that support and love one another. He seemed interested. When we got home, we got a call from his friend, Ali. I guess Korosh had given the Book of Mormon we gave him to Ali and Ali wanted to learn more! We are meeting with him on Thursday and they are hopefully both coming to church on Sunday! It is going to be a good week and I will keep you updated!
Besides that, we had a super awesome zone conference on Friday. The trainings were exactly what I needed to hear and in the perfect order. Heavenly Father is constantly teaching me what I need to know to make me a more consecrated missionary. He answers our prayers when we pray with faith and humble ourselves. We got to hear the testimonies of the 5 missionaries who will be departing after this transfer. IT was so tender to hear the refined testimonies of those who have experienced everything missions bring. I love our zone and I am excited to reach our goals this transfer. Sister Nilsson and I really are working hard and trying to prioritize our time so that we are doing what is most important in all of the things we could do covering two wards. I know that we will find the right balance and help investigators to progress eventually, if we continue to have faith and be exactly obedient.
I hope everyone is doing well and loving life. I am! Have a great week!

Sister Pace

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